Question: How Do I Get My Uber Back After Being Banned?

Can you have 2 Uber accounts?

We recommend that users have only one Uber account for both rides and Uber Eats.

If you are able to log into your account and need to update your information, follow the steps listed on the following link.

If you’ve never signed up for Uber or Uber Eats, we can help..

What to do if uber deactivates your account?

In some cases, deactivations can be reversed by taking improvement courses, appealing to Uber, or updating out-of-date personal information.

Can you get reactivated with Uber?

If you were not online for last 90 days, your account could get automatically suspended. You can always come back to us! If you want to start rides again, let us know by completing the information below – we will reactivate your account.

How do I get my uber account reactivated?

Search for ‘reactivate. ‘ If you’ve been deactivated for another reason: Contact Uber via, or visit an in-person office and politely ask to be reactivated.

What to do if Uber driver won’t return lost item?

If you have not tried contacting your driver directly, head back and select “Contact my driver about a lost item”. If more than 24 hours have passed since your trip ended and you’re still unable to connect with your driver, we’ll step in to help.

Will Uber deactivated me for a speeding ticket?

In general, Uber drivers can’t have DUIs or major moving violations within the last seven years. They’re also not permitted to have more than three minor violations, such as speeding tickets, within the past three years. … Uber doesn’t have such a policy.

How many hours can you drive a day with Uber?

Starting on Wednesday, 2 May 2018, the driving hours limit feature will put a time limit on how long you can drive on Uber before having to take a break. The app will notify you of the need to take a break after 12 hours of driving. You’ll then have to be offline for an entire 6 hour period before the timer resets.

How long is uber investigation?

A typical case is resolved within three to five days, she said. Even the strikes system can be superseded by Uber executives who may be motivated to keep as many drivers on the road as possible, investigators said.

Can you appeal Uber deactivation?

No deactivation decision is taken lightly or without investigation. As such, certain deactivation decisions, especially those related to zero tolerance violations, are not eligible for appeal. For example, we will not accept appeals related to criminal activity while on the app, like theft or reckless driving.

Can Uber ban your card?

Some banks, especially smaller ones who have cards issued by a third party, block Uber transactions specifically because of the high rate of fraud.

Can you delete Uber account and start over?

Uber may retain certain information after account deletion as required or permitted by law. If you change your mind and want to keep your account, you can restore it by signing in at within 30 days of deactivation.

How long can you be inactive on Uber?

About 3 months, you will get warning, then deactivation.