Question: What Does MMM Mean Sexually?

What does MMM stand for?

MMMAcronymDefinitionMMMMining, Metals and Minerals (Honeywell)MMMMillions More MovementMMMMake Me Move (Zillow online real estate tool)MMMMasters in Medical Management (degree)74 more rows.

What does DDD mean sexually?

Destroy Dick December is a joke challenge where a guy is supposed to masturbate excessively during the month of December—not that plenty of men aren’t doing that already.

What does MMMH mean?

Mean Maintenance Man HoursMMMHAcronymDefinitionMMMHMindframe Media and Mental Health (Australian psychological study)MMMHMean Maintenance Man Hours

What is full form of OK?

OK: Olla Kalla or Oll Korrect OK (also spelled as okay, ok, or O.K.) is a word used to denote acceptance, agreement, approval, or acknowledgment.

What does NNN mean on Tiktok?

No Nut NovemberNNN is an acronym for “No Nut November,” which is basically a 30-day challenge men partake in where they don’t ejaculate.

What does it mean when a girl says Umm?

It could mean they are agreeing with something you said, as in “ummmm” I get where you’re coming from. Or, it could mean “ummmm” I’m not too sure about that? It’s usually used as an expression of the person thinking.

What does MMM mean from a guy?

Expression of Pleasure or Contentment”Expression of Pleasure or Contentment.” MMM (pronounced similar to Ermm or Umm) is an interjection commonly used in English as an “Expression of Pleasure or Contentment.” In text-based messaging, MMM is often used to show pleasure at something that someone has just typed.

What does Mmm hmm mean?

Are you still coming over tonight—used to indicate agreement, satisfaction, or encouragement to continue speaking”Are you still coming over tonight?” ”

What is DDD like NNN?

DDD Challenge · Destroy Dick December 2020 is an annual Internet challenge and meme that “comes” after NNN Rules – No Nut November. … On December 31st, they masturbate 31 times.

Why do guys say you’re so wet?

Getting wet means that ur body is sexually aroused and ready to take him inside… but there is difference if ur body is ready for sex and u want it…. … That you’re aroused, & your vaginal region has literally become wet. He’s likely hinting (if not already trying) to initiate sex.

What does SMS mean sexually?

SMS. Sexual Medicine Society. Medical, Urology, Medicine. SMS. Simple Messaging System.

What does MMM mean in texting?

When texting or using instant messaging, I often write “mmm” as shorthand for a sound of agreement (imagine me nodding, sagely, thinking “yes,” “totally,” “I’m on your wavelength”).

Is MMM in the dictionary?

MMM in British English abbreviation for (in Canada) Member of the Order of Military Merit. Collins English Dictionary.

How do you spell mmm good?

Member. In English, one can say “Mmm mmm good” to express that something being eaten tastes good. The expression was, in part, popularized by the Campbell’s Soup commercials on television. The expression is somewhat informal and the “Mmm mmm” part is usually said kind of like a short hum with the mouth closed.

What does FFF mean in texting?

follow for followacronym for “follow for follow” In chat: ‘Hey, FFF?

How do you spell MMMH?

Lecker… Generally, mmmh will be understood anywhere. However, if you write MMM in capital letters, for a Russian it will remind of the name of the company which built a financial pyramid and cheated the bulk population of this country in ’90s.